Wall Street Access Asset Management

Wall Street Access Asset Management creates tailored, tax-efficient investment portfolios according to your objectives and risk profile. For foundations and endowments, we manage your portfolio within the constraints of your investment policy statement. In contrast to the common practices of relying predominantly upon standard deviations and algorithms, we adjust the efficiency of your asset mix while keenly aware of hidden risk exposure.

Wall Street Access Asset Management’s process includes:

  • Client-tailored investment portfolios addressing individual objectives, risk levels and constraints
  • Analytical rigor
  • Client focused
  • Risk Focus

Analytical Rigor: A careful study of company specific, sector, and macro- economic fundamentals; on-going and thorough communication with C-level executives of public companies; frequent attendance at industry trade shows and investment conferences; as well as on-site visits to company facilities. Our keen securities analysis process applies to asset classes across all markets.

Client focused: As a WSAAM client, you have direct access to the key decision makers associated with your investments, as well as a personal advocate on your behalf in the administrative aspects of your portfolio. What is important to you is important to us.

Risk Focus: Our primary objective is always your capital preservation. To determine your view on risk we have an in-depth conversation regarding your investment objectives, timeline/liquidity needs, ability to withstand market volatility over the long term, and concentration vs. diversification