Wealth Management Services

Wall Street Access Wealth Management oversees all financial aspects of our clients’ lives. Whether it is saving for college or planning for retirement, we help our clients find solutions to their financial issues.

The decision to work with a professional advisor to help manage your family’s wealth is never easy, especially in today’s financial world where trust is in short supply. At Wall Street Access Wealth Management, we understand this concern and we strive to honor the trust you have placed in us by ensuring your assets are protected and by providing a fully transparent approach to your account information.

All of our work on your behalf comes with strict oversight that ensures the safety of your assets. To achieve this, all assets we manage are held by an independent clearing firm, Pershing, LLC, which is owned by The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, one of the most respected custodial agents in the nation. These accounts are subject to Federal Reserve requirements, equity calculations and reporting and are enforced internally and externally by regular audits, regulatory examination and weekly and monthly reporting requirements.

Wall Street Access Wealth Management provides comprehensive strategies, information and guidance in the following wealth management areas:

  • Asset Management: WSAWM creates portfolios for clients that match their risk and return goals. Whether it is generating income in retirement or looking for growth, WSAWM manages portfolios with ETFs, mutual funds and stocks to achieve their goals.
  • Estate Planning: WSAWM helps our clients plan for the next generation by setting up trusts and creating an estate plan.
  • Retirement Planning: The goal of becoming financially independent is paramount to WSAWM clients. Once retired, the next goal is to generate enough income to meet our needs. WSAWM helps you prepare for retirement through IRA’s, 401 plan and SEP plans among other retirement vehicles. WSAWM works with you to examine current needs and strategize for different future scenarios with ongoing retirement planning.
  • Charitable Planning: Philanthropy through charitable contributions engenders not only goodwill, but also sizeable income and estate tax benefits. WSAWM works with our clients to accomplish this goal through the use of charitable trusts.
  • Tax Planning: As wealth advisors, WSAWM understands it is not what you make but what you keep that ultimately matters most. Some tax strategies that our firm utilizes are the following: Avoiding short term capital gains; recognizing capital losses when appropriate, and placing fixed income securities in IRA’s.
  • Education Planning:  WSAWM advises our clients on the most effective strategies to be prepared financially to send children to college. Together we assess needs, address the many tax incentives provided for education; discuss funding strategies  and college savings vehicles.
  • Cash Flow Management: Together, WSAWM and our clients work on managing income and expenses to ensure funds are available to achieve their specific financial goals.
  • Insurance Needs: WSAWM guides our clients in choosing an insurance strategy that meets their needs today and in the future through a careful understanding of needs, risks and financial capabilities. WSAWM sets planning objectives and applies the appropriate type of insurance as well as the tax implications for your estate.